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Cybersecurity for Technology and SaaS

Technology companies, ever-evolving, continually integrate new software, systems, and services. Penetration testing for this sector replicates advanced cyber-attack methodologies to assess the vulnerabilities within these innovations, ensuring that as technology advances, security doesn’t lag behind. Additionally, SaaS organizations must comply with a variety of regulations in order to protect their customers’ data and acquire new business partners.

Our custom SaaS company solutions critically assess the protection levels of digital assets against cyber threats in the industry including:

DoS (DDoS)

DDoS attacks continue to increase in complexity. In 2023, the number of DDoS attacks grew 150% on a global basis. Finance was the most attacked industry, followed by technology. Web application and API attacks increased 128% year over year.


43% of organizations have experienced security incidents that can be directly traced back to SaaS misconfigurations. 81% of these had sensitive SaaS data exposed, highlighting the prevalence of data vulnerabilities and the urgent need for enhanced security measures.

Security Breaches

In Q1 2023, 6.41 million data records were leaked in worldwide data breaches, impacting millions of individuals and ruining brands and reputations. As of 2023, the average cost of a data breach in the United States amounted to 9.48 million U.S. dollars.

Our Cybersecurity Solutions For Finance & Insurance Companies

Secragon’s world-class cybersecurity services help finance organizations comply with requirements and avoid costly fines.

Application Security Penetration Testing

Protect mission-critical apps through our web, mobile, and API penetration tests.

Network Security
Penetration Testing

Internal, external, wireless, mainframe, ICS / SCADA penetration…

Cloud Security

Penetration Testing

Enhance security of assets on Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

Remote Working

Security Assessment

Infrastructure penetration tests, firewall configuration review, remote access…


We, at Secragon, are a team of certified ethical hackers, visionary security engineers, seasoned penetration testers, and committed project managers… but first of all – professionals, who LIVE and BREATHE Offensive Security. Along the list of qualifications, titles, and credentials, we bring a real “think outside of the box” mindset to every project and we constantly strive to learn, explore, and push forward to master complex concepts and deliver top-notch services and results.

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