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Cybersecurity for Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Industry

Healthcare systems now encompass more digital touchpoints than ever, from patient records to remote health services all keeping data worth billions of dollars in the form of intellectual property, R&D, patient and clinical trial information, etc.

Our custom penetration testing solutions for healthcare critically assess the protection levels of digital assets, ensuring patient data’s integrity, seamless operation of healthcare IT systems, and improved security posture against cyber threats in the industry including:

Executive Summary

41% of healthcare organizations experienced ransomware attacks over the past two years, 73% of them reported data was encrypted and 42% paid the ransom. Only 1 in 10 attacks were stopped. The recovery costs increased from $1.85M to $2.20M year over year.


Email-based attacks (malicious emails or phishing) are the starting points for over a third of attacks (36%) within healthcare organizations. As of Q2 2023, 337 unique phishing incidents were reported in US, impacting a total of 19,992,810 individuals.

Attacks on IoT
Medical Devices

Medical devices, on average, have 6.2 vulnerabilities each, with 80% of them classified as critical, potentially leading complete device takeoved and adverse effects on patient care. The average cost of an IoT attack on a healthcare organization is $1.5 million.

Our Cybersecurity Solutions For Finance & Insurance Companies

Secragon’s world-class cybersecurity services help finance organizations comply with requirements and avoid costly fines.

Application Security Penetration Testing

Protect mission-critical apps through our web, mobile, and API penetration tests.

Network Security
Penetration Testing

Internal, external, wireless, mainframe, ICS / SCADA penetration…

Cloud Security

Penetration Testing

Enhance security of assets on Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

Remote Working

Security Assessment

Infrastructure penetration tests, firewall configuration review, remote access…


We, at Secragon, are a team of certified ethical hackers, visionary security engineers, seasoned penetration testers, and committed project managers… but first of all – professionals, who LIVE and BREATHE Offensive Security. Along the list of qualifications, titles, and credentials, we bring a real “think outside of the box” mindset to every project and we constantly strive to learn, explore, and push forward to master complex concepts and deliver top-notch services and results.

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