Penetration testing for Operational Technology (OT), Industrial Control Systems (ICS), and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) is critical to ensure the safety and security of the devices and systems that control, manage, monitor, or otherwise influence operational processes and activities. Utilizing a blend of sophisticated attack simulations, both external and internal, these tests help identify vulnerabilities and prioritize remediation efforts to mitigate risks.

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Executive Summary
Executive Summary

Key findings, risks, impacts, and critical recommendations.


Overview of methodologies, standards, tactics, and techniques used.

Technical Report

Detailed vulnerability analysis, reproduction steps, PoC, evidence.


Strategic and tactical walkthrough on how to fix vulnerabilities.

Expert Guidance

Comprehensive advice on cybersecurity enhancement strategies.

Complimentary Retest

 Offered once vulnerabilities are fixed.

What is OT/ICS/SCADA Penetration Testing?

OT/ICS/SCADA are at risk in the modern threat environment. At Secragon, we specialize in OT/ICS/SCADA penetration testing that is 95% manual and conducted by experienced ethical hackers, ensuring no impact on the environment. Along with leveraging industry standard methodologies, our expert team utilizes an advanced mix of public and in-house developed exploits and in-depth analysis to discover vulnerabilities not yet published and often not yet discovered. The objective is to penetrate and evaluate the security of targeted industrial networks, providing actionable and tailored recommendations to secure your installations from cyberattacks.

Prevent downtime or operational disruptions that could result from security breaches or system failures.

To identify and strengthen weak points that could be exploited for ransomware attacks, which are increasingly targeting industrial systems.

To reduce the threat surface against sophisticated cyber-attacks and protect essential operational processes.

Ensure that security practices are consistent across different systems and that legacy vulnerabilities are not overlooked.

Many industries are governed by regulatory standards that mandate regular penetration testing to ensure the protection of sensitive information.

Use insights from the pentest to allocate resources strategically, focusing on your vulnerable areas.

Why Conduct an OT/ICS/SCADA Penetration Test?

Executing an OT/ICS/SCADA penetration test provides invaluable insights into the potential cyber threats that could disrupt your automation. Here is what your organization will gain after conducting a project with our team:


When Should You Perform an OT/ICS/SCADA Penetration Test?

OT/ICS/SCADA Penetration Testing should be performed as frequently as required by the organizational security policy, with a general recommendation to conduct testing at least once per year. In addition to the regular schedule, penetration testing is particularly advisable in the following circumstances:

System Updates

After significant upgrades or changes to the OT/ICS/SCADA systems to ensure new vulnerabilities are not introduced.

New Deployment

Prior to the deployment of new OT or components within the ICS/SCADA network to validate security measures.

Regulatory Compliance

To comply with industry regulations and standards that require periodic security assessments of critical infrastructure systems.

Incident Response

Following the detection of security incidents or anomalies within the OT/ICS/SCADA environment to identify vulnerabilities.

Routine Security Check

Scheduled regularly as part of a comprehensive cybersecurity program to detect and mitigate evolving threats against critical systems.

Physical or Network Changes

After significant physical modifications to the environment or changes in network configuration that could impact the security.

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What Will be Assessed During an OT/ICS/SCADA Penetration Test?

ICS/SCADA tests require more planning and a more tailored approach than other types of security testing.

Network Security

Analyzing firewalls, routers, and switches to prevent unauthorized access.

System Vulnerabilities

Identifying and cataloging vulnerabilities in both software and hardware components of OT/ICS/SCADA systems.

Physical Security

Inspecting the effectiveness of physical barriers and controls within OT/ICS/SCADA environments.

Communication Protocols

Testing and verifying the security of communication protocols utilized in the
OT/ICS/SCADA network.

Access Control

Assessing user privileges and access controls to ensure system integrity and
authorized access.

And More

Ensuring data integrity and availability,
evaluating incident response plans, checking compliance with industry regulations, testing malware and ransomware defenses, and assessing the robustness of backup and recovery procedures.

Our Penetration Testing Process

If your organization has not gone through a penetration test before, you may not know what to expect. Even if you have, maybe you are wondering what Secragon’s stages of penetration testing are. Here is a high-level break down of each step of our proven process:

Activities: Engage stakeholders, define targets, plan logistics for efficient, transparent execution.


Outcomes: Scope Validation, Proposal, Contract.

Activities: Environment preparation, OSINT collection, attack scenario planning.

Outcomes: Strategy Development, Threat Insight.

Activities: Vulnerability identification, active exploitation, privilege escalation, execution of realistic attack scenarios, data and information collection, persistence maintenance, and documentation of steps.

Outcomes: Comprehensive Report, including Executive Summary, Technical Details, Impact Analysis, Recommendations.

Activities: Supporting vulnerability remediation with actionable steps and advice, answering follow-up queries.

Outcomes: Remediation Plan, Security Enhancement.

Activities: Validate the effectiveness of remediation efforts through complementary retesting.

Outcomes: Re-test Results, Attestation.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the purpose of conducting OT/ICS/SCADA penetration testing?

The purpose is to identify vulnerabilities and security risks in the systems, which are critical for monitoring and controlling industrial processes and infrastructure. It ultimately provides remediation measures and improvements to mitigate any potential cyber threats.

How fast can I get an OT/ICS/SCADA Penetration Test?

A test can typically be scheduled within 5-10 days following a scoping call. If you need an urgent one, reach out to us immediately—we’re ready to assist. Connect with us now to secure your spot!

How do we prepare for an OT/ICS/SCADA Penetration Test?

To get started, you need to provide information about your SCADA environment, network topology, and access to the systems for testing. Additionally, a clear scope and objectives for the test should be defined.

Do we need to provide any access or permissions for the test to be conducted?

Certainly, it’s essential to provide the testing team with the required access and permissions to conduct thorough remote tests and evaluations of your SCADA systems. Our specialists will propose a range of secure and effective remote access options for your SCADA infrastructure. We will outline all necessary access protocols and documentation processes during a call with your team.

How does OT/ICS/SCADA testing fit into our overall cybersecurity strategy?

Penetration testing for SCADA systems is an essential component of a robust cybersecurity framework, especially for businesses that depend on these automated systems for operational continuity. It hones in on the unique threats and weaknesses inherent to SCADA systems, which typically go unaddressed in conventional security evaluations.

Is my data safe during a security assessment?

Client data protection is our priority. We use non-destructive methods during our assessments and maintain strict confidentiality.


We, at Secragon, are a team of certified ethical hackers, visionary security engineers, seasoned penetration testers, and committed project managers… but first of all – professionals, who LIVE and BREATHE Offensive Security. Along the list of qualifications, titles, and credentials, we bring a real “think outside of the box” mindset to every project and we constantly strive to learn, explore, and push forward to master complex concepts and deliver top-notch services and results.

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